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Automatic Level Controllers

This system is used for automatic control of liquid level in a glass vessel. The system consists of a Level float, a Level Sensor, a Level controller, A solenoid valve and a Shut-off valve. All the parts which come in contact of liquid in the vessel are made of either Glass or PTFE .

The vessel is connected to a glass pipe section in which a glass embedded metallic float is inserted. The float moves up and down according to the level of liquid in the vessel. The level sensor is mounted on an adjustable support facing towards the glass pipe section. When the float reaches in the level of sensor, sensor give signal to the level controller, which in turn operate the solenoid valve. Solenoid valve stops the air supply in the shut-off valve and shut-off valve gets close. This stops further feeding of the liquid in the vessel.

As liquid level decreases due to vaporization or drain, the float falls down out of the sensor level and shut-off valve opens. This starts the feeding of liquid in the vessel again.

The system can be reversed so that shut-off valve can be installed on outlet of the vessel, instead of inlet, for automatic control of drain of the liquid from the vessels.

The system works on 230V 50Hz supply. All the glass fittings used in the system are of 25DN size.



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