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Backing Flanges

Backing flanges are used to couple a glass ends to a glass end or to a bellow. Backing flanges are made of Cast iron and are used with Inserts.

Cat.Ref.DNDD1D2PCDn x doLL1Type
CF125924351703 x 9ø106A
CF1.5401105866863 x 9ø106A
CF2501207081983 x 9ø128A
CF3801551011121336 x 9ø128A
CF41002001341481786 x 9ø128A
CF61502751861962546 x 9ø158A
CF92253502602823108 x 11ø288B
CF1230042534236339512 x 11ø348B
CF1640052546747649512 x 12ø228A
CF1845063057355758512 x 14ø378B
CF2460075564369071012 x 14ø505C

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